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DNA Sports Performance’s mission is to maximise the genetic potential of competitive athletes from all sports.

DNA Sports Performance provides the right people and the right process. We facilitate scientifically underpinned strength and conditioning interventions, to elite and amateur athletes in Greater Manchester and across the UK. This is demonstrated by one in fifteen GB athletes who competed at London 2012 being coached by DNA.

London 2012 is no longer a distant vision; it’s been and gone. Team GB’s success against the best athletes in the world was astounding however; world class performances don’t happen by accident. They are a product of a sporting infrastructure which not only consists of facilities but people. We provide this. We are part of the Olympic legacy and future sporting success.

Indeed it is stated by UK Sport that to consistently produce high quality athletes, a high quality support structure of expert coaches and professionals is paramount. DNA Sports Performance is an integral part of this structure.

Our coaches hold the highest level of international and national qualifications and what’s more we have a proven track record of providing results across a wide range of sports. As an organisation we are always at the forefront of scientific advances and our coaches undertake the highest level of coach education in all areas of strength and conditioning.

We focus on delivering evidence based strength and conditioning services to help maximise genetic potential. We work with athletes from all sports. But don’t just take our word for it; see what our athletes have to say on our testimonials page contact us today!

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