Silver Performance Programme

Are you?

  • Already going to the gym, but aren’t sure what you are doing is helping your performance
  • Are you self-conscious about the way they look
  • Are you someone who wants reassurance that their technique is perfect before increasing loads
  • Are you a little out of shape and eating what you want

You are looking to:

  • Get Big
  • Get Lean
  • Get Fit
  • Get Fast
  • Get Powerful
  • Reduce Risk of Injury
  • Rehab from an Injury

Do you want:

  • Expert coaching
  • Access to world class training facilities
  • A demanding but supportive training environment
  • Your very own bespoke training programme designed to achieve your goal

Current Clients Say:

“Working with DNA Sports Performance has pushed my physical preparation to the next level and helped my skiing massively over the last few years.”

Pete Speight

(GB Half Pipe Skier)

I have been working with Nick and DNA Sports Performance since I started at University of Manchester in 2008. He has taught me so many things about training and power lifting since we started working together I couldn’t be more grateful to him. Over the years we have worked tighter to develop programmes designed specially around my sport and its requirements to best prepare me for events. As well as being a great motivator, Nick pushes his athletes to train hard. Nick is a massive legend and great to have a laugh with. Because of this he’s not only my coach but a good friend and someone who I always want to have in my corner. DNA is the best !!

Jack Reading

(Pro Downhill Mountain Biker)


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